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Things to Tell Your Daughter

December 1, 2016

Don't ever tell your daughter she has small hands as if it's a bad thing.

Hands too small to build or to hold or love or heal.


Tell her small hands are easier to escape or enter within tiny spaces, to slip off handcuffs.


Tell her she's gifted. Tell her that her finger tips can run through the same pages of books and heal the same number of souls as any other. If not more.


Small palms can hold grains of sand tighter and butterflies safer.


To gut fish or burn monuments.


They can rescue birds with broken wings and feed the homeless just as well. They can clap as loudly and hold on as hard.


Some day they might knock on doors of boys with sad brown eyes and sneak them in through balconies and French windows at night. Let her be sensitive to fire and snow alike.


Let her build Lego houses and ladders out of candy sticks as well as with heavy bricks.


Allow her to play with rain water. Cupping raindrops in her hands.


Show her that her hands are magical and that she is strong enough to hold ropes, climb mountains and row boats.


Let her cup her tiny palms and swim through oceans. Tell her to use her feet when her hands are tired.




Tell her that she's not too small. That nothing is too big. That her small hands aren't a metaphor for her soul or her goals or her capabilities. Specially not her capabilities.


Tell her Rome was built with hands like hers. Tell her that Art was carved, painted and poetry was written by hands like hers.


Tell her she could hold snow flakes as well as build another Great Wall.  


Don't just tell her that her tiny hands are cute and soft. Even if they are.


Teach her they are so much more.


Teach her they are meant to block bullets and drive rocket-ships.


Teach her they are strong as much as they are beautiful. Tell her that her tiny hands are all she needs.


Tell her to build a world with them or without. Teach her to live without them if she has to.


Tell her hands are just hands until she uses them to create magic.


Remind her that Aphrodite is just as beautiful without her hands.


Teach her that these body parts do not define her. Remind her every day, that she is a goddess. With or without her hands.


Tell her that her finger tips aren't the limit, but only the beginning to freedom.


So the next time someone challenges her saying she's too small or too weak, she'd say "That's not how my mama raised me."

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